gluten free AND corn free

I am intolerant to gluten, but am even more intolerant to corn. Corn is in everything and all of it bothers me. Gluten free recipes/mixes, vitamins, etc. are always so assuring that they are gluten free, but they replace the gluten with CORN most of the time. How can a person avoid the corn and the gluten at the same time? I do eat organic brown rice, but not much of that now that arsenic is supposedly a threat. I should only eat organic fruits and veggies due to the pesticides/preservatives. I don't eat any animal that has been fed corn and cannot afford to find and buy 100% grass fed meat or poultry. I do eat salmon and sardines from certain places. If there is anything made with corn in the air I start to cough and cannot stop until I leave the area. That includes fragrances, fertilizers, etc. My life seems so limited now.