posted by katieeastman in 1 year ago

I found out 3 months ago that I was gluten intol. I have been on a gluten free diet since, but had already lost a lot of weight. Felt like I was doing better but now I have constant diarrhea which seems to be worse if I eat red meat. Anyone have any ideas? I can't keep taking immodium ad. Thanks

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1. posted by: phoenix   1 year ago

You may be unresponsive to the diet now. I too was diagnosed with Celiac disease three months ago. I had a similar experience and my Gastroenterologist tried prescribing Entocort, which is normally used to treat Crohn's disease. It seems to be working and I feel better now. I lost 20 lbs. and am slowly gaining some weight.

2. posted by: jubry   11 months ago

I don't know if I have an allergy but I have been having diarrhea for 2 yrs. I was told that I have IBS but I have diarrhea every time I eat so I am trying a gluten free diet. This is my 2nd week. The first week was great. I thought I found my problem but now the diarrhea is back and I am going to give it until the end of July. Do you think that it will be a waste of time. I just want to get better. I am now going to stop eating because I can't take anymore. I have been tested for everything. I don't know what to do. Please give me any advice that you have. I eat red meat and it still happens no matter what I eat.

3. posted by: Penny M   7 months ago

I too seem to have back slided on the diet. I seem to remember reading somewhere that some celiacs stop making progress going gluten free after a while. Those individuals need to stop eating amy products containing rice flour, bean flour and oats. Practically going fiber free. Steak is very difficult to digest as well. I really can't tolerate any gluten free breads, cookies especially. Try eating everything in "natures package" for a while and see if the diarrhea resolves. Good Luck

4. posted by: Pat Cass   4 months ago

I was quite ill in fall of 2007. They removed my gall bladder in January 2008. I still had very chronic diarrhea, worse than before the gall bladder removal. AFter a few suggestions that I might be allergic to wheat and/or gluten, I was checked for celiac, which was negative. I took myself off wheat and gluten (compulsive label reading). It took about 3 to 4 months for the diarrhea to completely stop. I do have some now and then, but it is related to the bile issue and not haveing a gall bladder. Just hang in there. Be sure to find out "other names" of gluten. It can really be hidden not only in food products, but supplements, meds, and basically anything that touches our body. Also, flour can be airborne in restaurants. You will also have to be concerned about cross-contamination. Good LUck!

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