Our FAQs page was written to answer the questions of existing and new website users. Here we post the most commonly asked questions and the answers. If you have a question please send us an email in the Contact Us section and we will reply to you directly. If we find your question will be useful to other members we will also post it in this section.

Q. Question about our mobile apps or your need help?

A. Send an email to and we will help you in a timely matter.

Q. Is on Facebook and Twitter?

A. Yes, in addition to you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Please click on either of the images to be directed to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Q. How did The Checklist People choose which products to put on the site?

A. The products have been tested by a team of individuals for taste, texture, quality and ease of use for baking and preparing meals.

Q. Do you sell any products?

A. No, we are a free service that provides consumers with access to what we feel are some of the best gluten-free products and general market products that happen to be gluten free on the market.

Q. What is the Checklist People’s relationship with the Celiac Sprue Association?

A. So many people involved with the Checklist People have found the Celiac Sprue Association to be very helpful after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease and as they continue with the management of the disease. The Checklist People will be giving a % of the net profits to the Celiac Sprue Association. So each time you support a manufacturer by purchasing their products or buying products through our various affiliate programs a portion of the proceeds will be going to the CSA.

Q. What does it mean in the recipe or discussion sections when it ask for tags?

A. Tags are used to catalog key words in discusssions or recipes. This will be helpful for future searches done by members of this website. For example, if a member wants to find a specific recipe utilizing pasta in a recipe they can put that word in the search box and it will show them the different ones utilizing pasta.










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