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Whether you’re new to a gluten-free diet or an old pro, the app will save you time and money when shopping for gluten-free products or looking for restaurants with gluten-free menu options. There are barely enough hours in the day to work, raise a family, and run a household, let alone research gluten-free food and ways to convert your recipes. An essential tool for anyone on a gluten-free diet, the app will help you shop more efficiently, purchase tastier food, and bring variety back to your gluten-free table with over 1000 recipes available anytime, anywhere.

All of’s invaluable Checklists are now at your fingertips, including:

  • Recipes – “What’s for Dinner?” Tired of using the same gluten-free recipes over and over? We give you five delicious new recipes every week, in addition to over 1000 that are currently available.
  • The Checklist – If you wish there were a more efficient way to find the best gluten-free products, then The Checklist is for you! We’ve chosen the top gluten-free products in over 150 categories!
  • Health Checklist – For information about diagnostic testing, medical alert bracelets, gluten-free vitamins, supplements, and products for well-being, look no further than this Checklist.
  • Restaurant and Bakery Checklist – With these menus and restaurant locators, finding gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in your area has never been easier.
  • Holiday Recipes and Menus – Delicious recipes and complete holiday menus are at your fingertips whether you’re cooking at home or away.
  • Fresh Baked Goods – If you ever miss the taste and texture of authentic bakery favorites, use this Checklist to have fresh baked products shipped directly to your home.
  • Pre-Prepared Meals – Eating safely on the go just became easier with this list of our favorite “ready-to-eat” meals.
  • Birthday Checklist – Let the Birthday Checklist and recipe links help you make your next birthday party a deliciously gluten-free celebration.
  • Travel Checklist – This handy list will ensure that you are always completely prepared for your next trip.
  • Books Checklist – Here’s a list of our favorite books about celiac disease and the gluten-free diet.
  • School Checklist – Start your child’s school year off right! Fill his/her backpack with gluten-free school supplies and printable letters to teachers and principals to make them aware of your child’s gluten-free status.

With the app for the iPhone, it’s never been easier to:

  • Quickly search for your favorite gluten-free products by category or manufacturer.
  • Identify general market products that are gluten free.
  • Locate products at stores in your area with the STORE LOCATOR link.
  • Order products directly from manufacturers or through the Gluten-Free Mall.
  • Instantly create your own shopping list by clicking ADD TO SHOPPING LIST.
  • Search for gluten-free recipes by ingredient or course.
  • Take 1000+ gluten-free recipes and your shopping list anywhere you go, right on your phone.