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Spotting Celiac Disease From Dental Damage (8/2009) link

If my relative has celiac disease, what are my chances of having it? Celiac Disease (08/2010) link

What types of gluten-free food will airport security allow in your carry-on? Celiac Disease(01/2015) link

Do Celiac Women Suffer More from Endometriosis or Menstrual Pain? (01/19/2011) link

Clues to Gluten Sensitivity
The Wall Street Journal (03/15/2011) link

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Celiac Disease Linked to Earlier Menopause (06/17/2011) link

Undiagnosed Celiac Disease Can Lead to Infertility (12/2014) link

Senate Designates Sept. 13, 2011 as "National Celiac Disease Awareness Day"
National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (09/08/2011) link

Compliant gluten-free children with celiac disease: an evaluation of psychological distress link

Celiac Disease Symptoms in Women Celiac Disease (03/2015) link

How soon will I feel better once I start the gluten-free diet? Celiac Disease (06/2014) link

Health Journal: Deciphering the Ailments Tied to Gluten
WSJ Blogs/Health Blog (02/2012) link

14 Colleges That Cater to Gluten-Free Students (01/2012) link

Navigating the Gluten Free Diet in College
By Rebecca Panzer, MA, RD, LD-Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center link

Celiac Disease Genetic Testing Celiac Disease (04/2015) link

HLA-DQ2 Celiac Disease (12/2014) link

AAN: Migraine Prevalence Up in Celiac Disease, IBD Patients (04/2012) link

The Public Health Crisis No One Is Talking About
The Huffington Post (05/2012) link

Celiac Disease and Asthma Celiac Disease (05/2015) link

Celiac Disease Linked to Many Skin Conditions Celiac Disease (09/2014) link

Low Biopsy Rates Contribute to Celiac Disease Underdiagnosis (06/2012) link

Low Adherence to Biopsy Guidelines Affects Celiac Disease Diagnosis in the United States (07/2011) link

Working with the School So Your Gluten-Free Child Can Eat Cafeteria Lunches Celiac Disease (11/2015) link

Going to College Gluten Free
NFCA link

Catch-Up Growth Spurts in Children with Celiac Disease Celiac Disease (03/2013) link

Brain Abnormalities Common in Celiac Disease Patients (09/2012) link

Really? Celiac Disease Is Influenced by Season of Birth
The New York Times Health/Science (10/2012) link

Celiac Disease in the Elderly (04/2012) link

Potential Celiac Patients Show Signs of Disease (12/2012) link

Justice Department and Lesley University Sign Agreement to Ensure Meal Plan Is Inclusive of Students with Celiac Disease and Food Allergies
USDOJ: Office of Public Affairs (12/2012) link

Does celiac disease increase or lower your chances of getting breast cancer? Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity(10/2015) link

Celiac diagnoses rose during 2000s: study (03/2012) link

Can celiac blood tests show how well you're following the gluten-free diet? Celiac Disease (04/2015) link

Celiac disease is a disease for the masses (04/2013) link

What Does Parts Per Million Mean? Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity (12/2014) link

Do I need an endoscopy and a biopsy to diagnose celiac disease? Disease & Gluten Sensitivity (01/2015) link

Gluten-Free Cookware and Kitchen Utensils-What to Replace When You Go Gluten Free Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity (12/2014) link

New Test in Celiac Disease Provides Powerful Tool for Diagnosis and Immune Monitoring (01/14) link

Celiac Disease Risk Linked to Absence of Bacteria in the Gut (02/2014) link

Celiac Symptoms & Conditions Checklist link

More Restaurant Chains Recognizing Gluten-Free Needs (03/14) link

Ultimate Gluten Free Guide to Global Airlines (05/14) link

A Pill For Celiac Disease Is Almost Here
The Huffington Post (06/2014) link

Recognizing (and Preventing?) Celiac Disease in Children (05/2014) link

Gluten-Free Food Banks Bridge Celiac Disease And Hunger (08/2014) link

Ask the Doc: The Autoimmune Link (08/2014) link

Is Lupin Gluten-Free? Is It A Safe Ingredient? (08/2014) link

Study: Waiting To Start Feeding Gluten To Babies Won't Prevent Celiac Celiac Disease (10/2014) link

Study Finds Celiac Disease Patients Have Higher Flu Hospitalization Risk Celiac Disease (10/2014) link

Chuck Norris Beefs up America's Food Banks (12/2014) link

Gluten in Medication link

Disney World Gets A Gluten-Free And Vegan Bakery (And Now There's Magic For Everyone) (03/2015) link

Will There Ever Be a Drug for Celiac Disease? (04/2015) link

Celiac disease linked to miscarriages and preterm deliveries
Reuters (04/15) link

As Celiac and Gluten Sensitivities Gain Prominence, Drug Companies Race to Find Treatments (04/2015) link

27 Amazing Charts That Will Turn You Into A Baking Whiz (07/2015) link

Celiac Disease Test: Confused About Your Lab Results? (06/2015) link

Creating A 504 Plan For Your Gluten-Free Child Celiac Disease (06/2013) link

Social Issues for Teens with Celiac Disease, Gluten Sensitivity Celiac Disease (02/2014) link

13 Early Signs of Gluten Intolerance (08/2015) link

Food Allergies on a Budget (11/2015) link

Gluten-Free Shampoo and Conditioner (Updated January 2016) Celiac Disease (01/2016) link

Is the Biopsy Still the Gold Standard for Diagnosing Celiac Disease? (03/2016) link

Children may not need a biopsy for celiac disease diagnosis (08/2017) link

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theCompass is just a little bit of everything. Whether you’re an artist, a musician, a dancer, a runner, living a gluten-free life, a European dreamer, or a Bohemian wanderer…this is the place for you link

Gluten Free Makeup Gal
Since 2011, Gluten Free Makeup Gal has been hunting down Gluten Free Makeup for Gluten Free Gals. Sharing research, reviews and exposés on this blog for everyone who to read. link

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Are Vitamin Supplements Effective In Celiac Disease Patients?

People with celiac disease face many nutritional challenges due to intestinal malabsorption, but can making smart dietary choices and taking the right supplements truly decrease your risk of diseases that may affect your every organ system? To learn more about celiac’s affect on vitamin and mineral malabsorption and which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in, read the article below from

Click here for

For the right gluten free vitamin and mineral supplements we recommend Country Life Vitamins. Click on the bottle image to visit the Country Life Vitamins website.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign

The Awareness Campaign provides current, comprehensive, science-based information about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of celiac disease, also known as celiac sprue, nontropical sprue, and gluten-sensitive enteropathy.

Click here to learn more about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Celiac Disease Awareness Campaign National Institutes of Health

Did you know that many over the counter and prescription medications contain gluten? If you are on a gluten-free diet and are required to take medication, it is very important to verify that your medications are gluten free. is a quick reference for you to use to identify many gluten-free drugs. Information for is obtained from a number of sources, including contact with the manufacturers and input from other individuals who contact manufacturers. The information is continually updated as it is obtained. Please note that you should interpret this information with caution and should seek medical advice whenever taking medications.

Click here to see the gluten-free drug list from

“image” offers all natural
cleanse and detox products to help support your body's natural detoxification processes. The safe, reliable programs offered by DrNatura gently and naturally cleanse the colon and are sodium-free, phosphorus-free, potassium-free and naturally gluten-free.

CSA remains the largest non-profit celiac support group in America, with over 100 chapters and 60 resource units across the country, and over 10,000 members worldwide. A dedicated force of volunteer officers and committee members serve as the organization's strong backbone, affectionately calling themselves,"Celiacs Helping Celiacs." So many people involved with The Checklist People looked to and continue to be helped by CSA for support after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. To learn more about this site click on the following link. Celiac Sprue Association

The Rubins
An important source of information about medications is the pharmaceutical company who manufactures or markets the medication. Many of our readers send questions asking about drugs. In order to help as many individuals as quick as possible, we are now listing all the drug companies with a telephone number and Web site that contacts the drug company’s medical information specialists. Our hope is that this information will be of aid to our readers who have questions about medications. Do not hesitate calling a drug company for further information on a drug or to report any untoward effects of a drug that you are taking. Become actively involved in the treatment protocol.

Click here for the Rubins Drug Manufacturers Directory
"The amount of information on the internet about Celiac and gluten free living expands every day, and finding helpful information becomes harder every day. That's where CeliacFacts can help you. We search through hundreds of websites every day to find the two or three stories that matter. Then we publish them to our blog, email newsletter, Twitter and Facebook pages. No matter how you prefer to read, CeliacFacts is there for you." link

Food Allergies and Special Dietary Needs at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Food & Beverage team is committed to offering a wide range of options to accommodate Guests with food allergies or intolerances. Whether dining at a table-service or quick-service restaurant, Guest food allergy or intolerance requirements will be addressed when brought to their attention. link

Celiac Disease Program at Children's National Medical Center
Children’s National is helping to improve the way pediatric celiac disease is diagnosed and treated. Working in partnership with concerned members of the community, their Celiac Disease Program brings together a team of expert physicians, nurses, nutritional consultants and professional counselors dedicated to developing a national model for detecting and treating celiac disease in children. link

Food Equality Initiative (FEI)
Food Equality Initiative, Inc. (FEI) is a recognized non-profit, public benefit corporation who's mission is to support the low-income food allergy and Celiac communities by providing safe, healthy gluten free and allergy friendly food through a Food Pantry, nutrition support, education, & advocacy. To learn more about FEI click on the following link. Food Equality Initiative