I'm allergic to wheat & corn
posted by Roberta 3 months ago

Hi I guess I don't fit into the Celiac group, but I am allergic to wheat and corn. Can you give me some hope & friendship. I do not know anyone else with these allergies. Thank you Roberta

1. posted by: jbcoe   2 months ago

I have the same allergies: wheat, corn, soy and peanuts. I feel really awful when I have ate these foods. I am 26 yrs. old and just recently diagnosed with these allergies. I am looking at getting tested for Celiac because of the extreme fatigue that I feel when I have ate these things. If I leave them off, I feel so much better--except that there isn't that much to eat. I have been researching gluten-free on the internet for help. How does wheat and corn effect you? Thanks! jc

2. posted by: Roberta   2 months ago

Hi jc: Thank you for your kind note. I feel in my stomcah as if I am carrying around a huge ball. I was diagnosed several years ago & when I went off the wheat & corn I felt as if a huge weight was lifted off me. My headaches were decreased. I was also dealing with TMJ (a jaw disorder). As time went on I went off my diet,but lately I feel yucky, so now I am going back on my diet of NO wheat & corn. Don't give up JC. Once you get organized & start eating right you'll feel so much better.

3. posted by: Mairsile   2 months ago

I also have the dreaded celiac and food allergy problem. Mine include but are not limited to corn, nuts and soy. There are many rice and tapioca products though. If you miss or can't tolerate peanuts there is cashew butter and almond butter in most grocery stores now. Those are the two nuts I can tolerate. I perferred the cashew butter. It has more of a creamy tecture. Whatever you decide to try good luck and remember you're not alone.

4. posted by: julie_yet   1 week ago

I'm allergic to corn, soy, milk, almonds and hazelnuts and I just recently found out that I am also allergic to gluten so it can be hard to find things I can eat. I have a very good friend who has celiac disease so I've been getting lots of support from her. I know it's hard but you'll soon find out what wheat free/corn free products you like and you'll find your groove.

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