hard to handle gluten free food
posted by sharpelori 3 weeks ago

I got diagnosed 2yrs ago and I still can't understand the illness. I also got diagnosed with diverticulitis. Which takes more food out of my life. I have tried alot of the gluten free food and don't like any of it. I have been trying to find some gluten free restuarants in the north shore of massachusettes. Could any but recommend any, besides Outback, and beer works?

tags:  please help, gluten free, diverticulitis, north shore mass.
1. posted by: twisters   3 weeks ago

Here is a link to a restaurant on the north shore that has a gluten free menu There is a recipe book called Crohns, Colitis, Celiacs & IBS Recipe Book - by Sandra Ramacher that might be helpful to you. You can read about it at this link - Your physician can refer you to a nutritionist to make sure that you are getting adequate nutrition on your restricted diet. As far as taste goes, it's very personal but you can find some of our favorite brands on The Checklist. Eating gluten free has gotten a lot easier over the past 2 years. You have to be patient because the transition can be difficult.

2. posted by: Luisa   7 days ago

look up the website for They have really good GF pasta dishes, great pizza, cannoli and more. I think customer comments are on the website? Check out. Off Rte 93 North in that too far from the No. Shore?

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