School lunch menu
posted by Cboyd99229 3 weeks ago

I was wondering if anyone had a menu of lunches that I can send to school with my son? I know that I the right to have the school provide him lunch, but I feel safer sending it with him. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it.

1. posted by: Vicki A   2 weeks ago

Do you bake your own gluten free bread. You can make him a gluten free sandwich. Hormel has gluten free ham or turkey meat. You can purchase it at Walmart. I have been gluten intollerant since 1997. I am a gluten free personal educator and coach. My website is new - I will be posting gluten free recipes on it that will help you. You can also email me from the website and I can help you set up a lunch menu.

2. posted by: evki1022   1 week ago

My daughter is 3 and I will be in the same boat as you! If there is a microwave available, I plan on her taking all the things I currently make 4 our family in freezer portions. Try GF chicken or fish nuggets by Ian's. Veggies and dip,pasta salads, mac n cheese, chili and chips,sandwiches, mini pizzas I make using GF waffles, hearty soups with snack tyoe crackers, etc etc.

3. posted by: twisters   6 days ago

If you are one of the lucky ones, and your child is not a picky eater, there are probably more options than you think. A couple of things to consider before school starts are how good is my child's thermos and lunch box? A good thermos a good thermos is a worthwhile investment because it will actually keep your child's food hot if you follow the directions. I think lunch boxes that have a seperate top and bottom work best if you are sending hot and cold items. Leftover pasta is great because you can send it hot with sauce or butter, or cold with veggies and salad dressing. Rice and soup are also great thermos items. If you're pressed for time in the morning open up a can of gf soup and add last nights leftover chicken and rice just to make it more filling. Last night's grilled chicken is also great on a salad. Sandwiches can be tricky if you can't find a bread that your child likes. Nobody likes to watch their neighbor enjoy a wonder bread sandwich while theirs crumbles to bits. Once you find a bread, there really are lots of deli meats and cheeses that are gf so you can mix it up. If your child doesn't like mayo, try using butter instead. Or, skip the bread and use crackers instead. Low-fat cottage cheese or Kefur are also great sources of protein. If you're pressed for time in the morning but your child loves fresh fruit and veggies, clean it and cut it up the night before so it's ready to be put in the lunchbox in the morning. One important thing to remember is to have your child shoulder some of the responsibility for his/her lunch. Over the weekend the two of you should sit down and plan out the week and maybe even do the shopping together.

4. posted by: cherylalv   3 days ago

I plan on making my 5 year old deli roll-ups (take deli meat and roll it up around a strip of cheese, hummus, etc) My daughter loves them!

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