The Checklist People are always testing new gluten-free products and restaurants. Once a product or restaurant has been approved we will add it to our various checklists.

The Featured New Product Of The Week Is The Following:

Good Karma Holiday Nog


Good Karma isn’t just a name, it’s the inspiration behind everything they do. At Good Karma, they believe there is a positive rippling effect in the tiny but mighty acts of goodness we see and do each day. Join us in pouring on the goodness.

Deck the halls with this jolly-good, dairy-free Holiday Nog. This winter, fill each cup with Omega-3 healthy fats and a delightful spice that tops every wish list. Plus, for each sip you take, they’ll share some goodness with the Whole Foods Kids Foundation.

Good Karma Holiday Nog is free from:

Dairy, lactose, nuts, soy & gluten

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