The Checklist People have tried numerous companies that prepare "ready-to-eat" gluten free meals. The following are some of our favorites. If you want to learn more about these companies simply click on the underlined name of the company. Enjoy!


GoPicnic creates the highest quality, best tasting ready-to-eat meals that are exceptionally convenient and require no refrigeration or special preparation – you can truly enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

Every GoPicnic meal is ready to eat right from the box, just grab a drink and enjoy one of their delicious, nutritious meals today. GoPicnic meals come in many varieties, including full meals, kids meals, and quick snackboxes.

Every GoPicnic meal line features several delicious ready-to-eat meal options for adults and kids that also happen to be gluten-free! In GoPicnic's gluten-free meals, each individual food item is labeled with its ingredients, allowing customers with very specific dietary requirements to tailor their meal accordingly. While the items in their gluten-free meals do not contain ingredients with gluten, some of them are manufactured in facilities which also process products that contain gluten ingredients and are labeled accordingly both on and on each individual product label.

To learn more about GoPicnic and their line of gluten-free ready-to-eat meals click on the following link: GoPicnic


Amy's Kitchen Pre-prepared Meals
Amy’s Kitchen manufactures a number of “Gluten Free” products all meeting the FDA guidelines for "gluten free" (i.e., <20 ppm gluten). Amy's Kitchen strives to make these products as delicious as our popular gluten containing products. Amy's Kitchen currently has over 60 products that are “Gluten Free”. To learn more about the various products available click on the link above.

Glutino Foods
Glutino Foods and its brands Glutino® and Gluten-Free Pantry® are known and loved by consumers living with celiac disease and other food allergies for providing the widest selection of gluten-free and wheat-free products that taste just as good or even better than traditional favorites! Glutino is introducing their all new Gluten-Free Freezer entrees and Cookie Dough Delights! Visit Glutino Foods by clicking on the link above. ___________________________________________________________

PurFoods Gluten-Free Meals
PurFoods provides a convenient way to commit to your diet. PurFoods Gluten-Free Meals have no added preservatives, just the best ingredients, hand-prepared and delivered FRESH, not frozen, right to your door. Every meal and snack has been lab-tested and approved to contain less than 20 gluten parts per million. Simply, a gluten-free meal delivery program that pampers you with great-tasting, nutritional meals. To learn more about these gluten-free meals click on the Purfoods Link above. ___________________________________________________________

Dietary Specialties
42 years of providing special foods for people on special diets, and have earned a reputation for quality products and superior service. Dietary Specialties helps you discover that being on a restricted diet doesn't mean sacrificing taste, variety and convenience. Dietary Specialties unique foods are produced from the finest ingredients under rigid quality control standards to ensure that they are totally appropriate for your special diet. People with gluten intolerance, celiac disease, wheat allergy appreciate our Gluten free/ wheat free products. Dietary Specialties Low Protein foods make managing diets for inborn metabolic conditions like PKU, MSUD and other amino acid disorders easier. Low protein diets for renal failure, liver disease , urea cycle disorders and other low protein diet prescriptions are much more manageable with the right foods! ___________________________________________________________


Olivia's Oven
Olivia's Oven, your source of gluten-free baked goods and more! Olivias Oven, A Gluten Free Bakery. Everything is made from scratch in their gluten-free, peanut-free, and tree nut-free facility. Products include breads, cakes, cookies, pies, donut holes and pizza crusts! ___________________________________________________________

Allergy Grocer
Allergy Grocer's goal is to make your life easier so you can spend more time enjoying meals & snack times. Their unique Search by Allergen feature helps you find products that are right for you allowing you to identify up to 18 different potential allergens. You can also search by processing conditions, Kosher, Certified as Gluten-Free, Feingold, Organic, GMO-Free, Kid Friendly, New, & Best Seller status. Check out the new Frozen Foods and Quick Meals sections on their website.










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