Chewy Caramels
posted by GFGramma 4 years ago

Does anyone know of any gluten-free chewy caramel candy?

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1. posted by: twisters   4 years ago

Go Lightly's Sugar Free Chewy Caramels are gluten free.

2. posted by: joaniebarn   3 years ago

go to They have a couple of different varieties of caramels that are absolutely delicious!!! Hope this helps.

3. posted by: spcandie   3 years ago

SP Candie Co offers 100% organic and gluten free treats. We are coming out with a caramel flavor within a month, check out to learn more

4. posted by: glutenfreelovinit   3 years ago

Make your own gluten free caramels: 8 Ounces Sugar 8 Ounces Honey 8 Ounces Semi-Sweet Chocolate 8 Ounces Butter (sweet) 1. In a pan add all ingredients 2. Cook 30 minutes until it reaches soft ball stage or 238 degrees 3. Pour into a bake sheet and let cool. 4. Mark out and cut squares. for more recipes contact me or visit my site i add new recipes there everyday, but will try to post here as much as possible.

5. posted by: praisegirl72   3 years ago Has caramel candies that are gluten free along with other things as well.

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