My child prescribed "laxaday" but I think part of the problem is GLUTEN!?
posted by kim v. 3 months ago

My daughter who is now 7 yrs. old has had chronic constipation since she was 2yrs. old. She has been admitted into the hospital more times than I would like to remember. She has gone sometimes 3 weeks without a bowel movement making her violently ill even to the point of vomitting blood. I had to fight for her to see the top children's gastroenterologist in our region (2hrs. drive) He has her on laxaday, benefiber and now recently ground flaxseed. She has been on the laxaday for some time now and if she misses one day she ends up really sick for 2 days vomitting etc.. I have cut out certain things from her diet that have time and time again made her very backed up and can't digest the food. This is what I have discovered so far: any heavy breads like bagels, pizza is the WORST(the heavy bread and the mozzarella cheese- makes her sick within minutes) and noodles.. I'm sure the list goes on as these are only a few things that contain gluten. When my adult niece went on a gluten-free diet she was telling me how she felt so much better healthwise and she even lost weight. The gluten was making her bloat up! So I tried brown rice gluten-free pasta and my daughter did not get sick! I am now buying more gluten-free foods for her because her diet was so limited before. My concern is that her body is so dependant on taking the "laxaday" that I'm afraid it is ruining the natural ability for her intestines to function normally. She has been on laxaday since she was 3. (So 4yrs. now) We just had an appointment with her specialist and I mentioned that I think her problem is gluten. Even though she tested negative for celiac 2 yrs. ago, he re-tested her for celiac again bc. the new testing they do now is even more accurate. So waiting on those results. I personally think that even though she may or may not have celiac she may still have a high sensitivity to gluten and that she should continue to stay away from it completely.

If anyone has any feedback on this topic please add to this discussion! :))

1. posted by: lilyofwest   3 months ago

I am 49 and have the same problem. If it is workingfor your child to eat gluten free then just keep doing it. It is much easier now because of all the major brands of cereal and other products are producing gluten free foods. They are usually more espensive, though, and reserve it for myself, like the gluten free breads. If I make a gig cassole thing, we share it. Your daughter may be sensitve to other foods, the most common is milk. I just spent a 'pleasant night on the toilet after eating too much ice cream. I am usually fine with it but now that I have over indulged, my intestines won't ant to work for awile. See ya later Ben and Jerry. You need to read all the ingrediates of the foods you buy, it's so much easier now becaude many brands have just added big letter "gluten free" so it's easier to find out quickly. I feel sorry for your little girl, going though so much turmoil. I prayed for both of you while writing this. In my opinion, just give her the foods that won't cause her symptoms, even if she is easting different food than the other member of your family. I deveolped a panic attact problem and serious depression issues. I panic when I feel my intestimes moving and when I need the defecate. I slao cannot poop in any toilet but my own. I pray and hope you can prevent these socialyhany behaveiours. Eating the same thing as everybody isn't important. Stay away form any wheat products. what often hides in the ingrediats. Fruits and veggies are usually safe, alos all animal meat. If she wants a birthday cake, unless your amaster chef in baking GF free baking just use the prepacked cake and frosting. It is very hard to work with GF flour , the mixes are almost fool proof. You may contact me if you wish at good Luck and godspeed Did you know that in heaven we won't have stomachs says Jesus in the bible, that will be a relief for people with this problem. Susan Crandall

2. posted by: BellaClare   3 months ago

Your story sounds a lot like my story about my daughter. My daughter is 11yrs old and has been on a gluten free diet since being diagnosed with Celiac Disease at 4 yrs old. She had chronic constipation starting at 6weeks old. Her first year of life the doctors put her on a daily dose of karo syrup in all her bottles. At 6months old she was taking at least 6 ounces of syrup to each bottle. I finally told the doctors that was too much and started cutting back. Then when she turned 1 the doctors put her on benefiber daily. By two and half yrs old i told doctors that she couldnt continue taking that daily..i feared it was causing damage to her little body. I begged for her to be seen by a specialist. Finally, they sent us to a pediatric GI at the children's hospital at MUSC. Two years of going there came up with no results of why my child had constipation, sore legs, ulcers, hemroids, etc. Finally, my mother, who is a retired nurse, tells me to have her tested for Chrones Disease. I did, but not without a fight with the doctors first. they tested her blood for chrones and celiac disease. She has been free of constipation ever since this diagnoses of Celiac Disease. The doctor told me that he had never heard of a child showing symptoms of celiac as young as my daughter. I am curious, you said she was negative for celiac, was she on a gluten-free diet when she was tested? The doctors told me that if you dont eat gluten then the tests will show negative. That you have to have gluten in your system in order for the test to show positive for celiac. I am no expert on this disease by any means. Just saying what the doctor told me. I hope this helps. Good luck to you and your daughter. I have been in your shoes.

3. posted by: BellaClare   3 months ago

I forgot to add, if you feel the laxaday is causing health problems in your daughter, then start taking it out of her diet. Start slow..just make doses smaller each day. In a week or so you should be able to completely wean her body off it. This is what I did with my daughter. I just new that much medication wasnt safe. Us moms may not have a MD behind our names, but we do have a 6th sense when it comes to our babies.

4. posted by: hspond   2 months ago

I think that even if she does not have celiac disease that she could have gluten intolerance. My daughter had the same problem (not to your daughters extreme though) when she was young and taking her off of gluten solved the problem. I have also learned that taking chia seed also produces a laxative effect in a natural way. I buy Bob's Red Mill Chia seed and grind it in a coffee grinder then put it all in a bag and use a tablespoon or two a day in juice. It is like a lot of pulp in the liquid so for a young person I would maybe do it in a smoothie or bake it in something. Google and see what you come up with. Good luck!

5. posted by: jgsoccergirl01   1 month ago

Gluten free is defiantly the way to go. But I have to add, Chiropractic care for your little one is one of the most natural and effective ways to help. A chiropractor is specifically trained on the spinal nerves that control and coordinate the Gastrointestinal Tract. My neighbor shared her story of how her daughter was having chronic constipation. She saw the chiropractor 6 times and her little girl was healthier and having better bowel movements. The Medical doctors couldn't believe the difference in as little as two weeks. This story made me WANT to go to the chiropractor and get my whole family checked. I am so amazed how much chiropractors can do beyond pain. It’s safe for children. They use softer adjustments and my family calls them the Popcorn doctor! haha get it all the pops! I hope you seek out a chiropractor. It has made a world of difference. I can find you one in your area. Go to and click on the link “find a doctor.” God bless I hope that your little girl won't have to be on laxaday the rest of her life.

6. posted by: raebeast   1 month ago

Wow! So, my mother back in 1982 when I was born is not the only one doctors did not listen to? It is nice in a way to know that there are others just like you who have had the same experience. I have a family history of milk allergy. It is not just the allergy but as an adult have become severely lactose intolerant. I also, have suffered from chronic constipation. A very nice and NOT so knife happy Jewish surgeon prescribed diet before sugery due to my Hirsch Sprung's Disease. I bascially am missing the short segment in my colon. As a child, after lunch, I would always suffer from stomache aches and the rest of the children in my class would be playing while I was digesting. I just thought it was because I had trouble digesting. I took Citrucel for most of my life but now that they have removed Phsyllium which is what you need and may cause more gas, I use Metamucil instead. I had also been sensitive to corn most of my life. In an e-zine article that I recently read a doctor had posted that in the patients that he sees with celiac's also have corn intolerance. I have multiple food allergies and sensitivities. It wasn't until a year ago when I was placed on a medicine that was "Gluten-Free" yet had Barley in it. I had severe headaches for one week, and postitioned myself just so that it was cause very little pain. Each time I got up it was like having Vertigo. So, while I may have had Celiac's or Gluten Intolerance most of my life it wasn't until I had such a severe symptom and removal of all other allergens that we knew this was the cause. Also, as a very young child probably up to age 6 or 7, I had to have daily enemas because of this. So, maybe Citrucel or Metamucil which won't hurt your child would be a good option. :) So sorry the rest of you are having to go through these things as well. The doctors actually told my mom she was "crazy" because she was so concerned with my poop habits!! What mother wouldn't be? Good luck to you all

7. posted by: RiverSLP   5 days ago

Same thing happened to my son. He was diagnosed with Celiac 2 1/2 years ago and constipation has gone away. The GI doctor didn't want to test him for it but I put my foot down and insisted. Since I had already put him on a GF diet and had seen results, the doctor assented, but I had to take him off the diet and make sure that he ate 4 pieces of bread EACH day to make sure that he would have enough gluten in his system to make the test reliable. It was heart-wrenching to feel like I was poisoning my child but the end result was worth it. We got the positive blood work, confirmed with the biopsy and he has never felt better since going GF. I hate that it took so long for him to get diagnosed, but we are glad to have answers. Subsequently, I have since found out that I am also gluten-intolerant, and now truly know what it is like to feel well.

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