Restaurants with gluten free menus or items
posted by Ralph Muscatell 8 years ago

My wife, Ann , is a newly diagnosed person with
Celiacs after an exam by her Gastroenterologist.
We live in the Santa Rosa, CA area in Sonoma County.
Being retired we had been eating out a lot. Also
trying healthy eating, but Celiacs????!!! So far we've
found two restaurants that have GF menus-
Outback restaurant in Rohnert Park,CA menu available
on line and Mangiamo Italian Restaurant in Windsor,CA just 7 miles north of Santa Rosa with a
complete gluten free menu. yet when you type in
Search for these areas you get zip. anyone in my
area have any suggestions for other restaurants?
Or types of restaurants,e.g., Indian food, Thai food,
Thanks!! I cook but have trouble handling the GF
bread we get at Whole Foods.

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1. posted by: mbrookes   7 years ago

I can't believe you wrote this a year ago and no one has answered! Thai food is usually safe... talk to the person in charge and he/she can tell you the safe foods. Thia food usually uses fish sauce instead of soy sauce, so it is safe. I had to find out on my own, but the trick to the bread is toasting it. I can't eat it plain, but toasted it is OK (but not great) for sandwhiches etc.

2. posted by: Presenttime   6 years ago

There is so much in Sonoma County. I would have replied sooner but I just found your post. I am in Sonoma County as well. The county is getting better There is Pizzeria DiPaoli, in Windsor. Mary's pizza also has a GF pizza but I am told the place in Windsor has better crust. Cafe Europe is aware of Celiacs Disease but when I went in a mistake was made in the kitchen. The owner did tell me about it. If you go there just double check once your order has been served. Have them verify it with the kitchen before you eat it. Call the resturants first during a slow period of the day. Talk to the chef. I heard the Olive garden has some GF items but again check with the resturants before eating there. Aside from making my own bread the best premade bread I found is by Glutino Flaxseed bread. You can find it at whole foods. I can post some info I have gathered over the years. Resources and Tips GF products are normally higher in calories. You will want to journal before you eat it. PLEASE think about purchasing the Product Guide list from CSA (Celiac Sprue Association). Google is your best friend. If you are wondering about a particular product, go to their website. Look up nutritional info or email the company. Most of them post the common allergens like wheat, gluten, corn, eggs, dairy and so on. Celiacs disease, Gluten Free products. If you find something you like, ask you local grocery store to carry it. I have told them I would rather give my money to them, then someone else. I try to keep my money local whenever possible. I have a few stores in my area that carry a good selection between them. I was talking to the store owner of the store I normally shop at and told him I had found an item at another store and he was on it. He will carry anything I want. For me asking for something I want and need was a part of the healing process for me. Products The products depend on individual taste and preferences. I like ”The Craving Place” products google them you can get the nutritional info . The craving place was created by a professional chef who was diagnosed with food allergies. “The Craving Place” was created out of desperation. So you know she is willing to eating her own products. The quick bread and muffin mix is great. Google the following: I have ordered from Gluten free pantry in the past. The others I have not. I have purchased in stores. The Craving Place; allerygrocer; foodsbygeorge; Gluten Free Pantry; Gluten Free Mall Breads by Anna haven’t tried yet others on thread swear by it. Pamela’s; Bob Redmill’s Bread I make my own. Using recipes from the cookbooks above or purchase mixes. I have only found one mix so far that is consistent for me and that is Namaste Foods. Most of the GF bread that are home made are better toasted. There are some bakeries on the east coast the sell GF breads. I have been using Glutino Flax seed bread and their Pizza crusts. They are ready made. Heinz makes the WW meals on their website do a search for gluten free or allergy info they list all of their products by country that are GF. Amy’s Kitchen has GF frozen dinners check their website. The Mac and cheese is good. Cookbooks The cookbooks give a wealth of info on baking GF. I found rising the bread at 200 for an hour and a half to two hours before baking for 30 min at 350 works for me. Baking Classics Annlise Roberts – I love this one The Gluten Free Gourmet cooks fast and easy by Betty Hagman The Gluten Free Gourmet comfort foods by Bette Hagman Gluten Free Baking with the Culinary Institute of America. Richard J Coppedge Jr. C.M.B New Cookbook for me is Gluten Free and easy by Robin Russell. This one has baked goods to soups salads to main dishes. The pictures look wonderful. Magazines Gluten free Living Living without (best value) goolge it also has dining out cards Scott-free newsletter this is online so google it. Delight –I heard it is a wonderful magazine. I am not sure it is on the stands yet 6/09 Dining out guides Glutenfreepassport Triumphdining – dining out guide and shopping guide. Gfnyguides Google: Glutenfreeonthego Find a local celiac organization in your area. GF baking Powder Davisbakingpowder – clabber girl corporation The following General Mills products will be in national distribution beginning June 1st: I haven’t seen Betty Crocker’s mixes in the stores yet. 06/17/09 - Betty Crocker Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix - Betty Crocker Gluten Free Devil’s Food Cake Mix - Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chunk Brownies - Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix - Corn Chex cereal - Strawberry Chex cereal - Honey Chex cereal - Chocolate Chex cereal - Cinnamon Chex cereal We offer other products that are not labeled gluten free and do not contain gluten. Always examine our ingredient listing and the product will be gluten free if the ingredient label does not list wheat, oats, barley, rye or derivatives of these grains; like malt, organic malt, semolina, durham, tritcale and spelt. We never hide gluten under other ingredients; like Natural Flavors or Spices. We are committed to creating the highest quality products for our consumers. We appreciate your loyalty and hope you continue to enjoy our products.

3. posted by: Presenttime   6 years ago

There is Grindstone Bakery in Santa Rosa that has a GF line of products.

4. posted by: ackermans   6 years ago

Amigos Cantina in Sonoma is my favorite mexican restaurant ( The owner has celiac disease so there is a gf menu with a lot of delicious options!!!

5. posted by: mmortenson   4 years ago

Hello, I hope you get this post. I too have celiac disease and am from Santa Rosa. I find EXTREMELY helpful. They have a complete list GF restuarants in our area, as well as info, and support group meeting you can attend. Hope this helps.

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