New to GF
posted by Cryse119 3 weeks ago

Hi Everyone! I'm new to GF and hoping for any assistance I can get. :)Dr suggested GF for 2 wks due to intestinal issues. Did that, felt a better (not 100% but better than before). Today I had egg noodles and stomach is now in pain.. so question is this after only 2 wks w/o gluten could egg noodles cause that much of an issue? Thanks!

1. posted by: BJ50   5 days ago

Yes. If you are truly gluten intolorant, I've heard ppl lost the allergy After two years but you must be true to the diet. Please reAd a lot as your Celia in the stomach does not absorb nutrients. Vanilla you bake with unless organic has gluten, white pepper, tuna unless it's low sodium. It's easier now but the learning is tedious. Good luck

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