Joint pain
posted by jdevita6 7 months ago

Ive had tendonitis for the last 15 years. Someone suggested trying gluten free. I've been eating gf for four days and don't notice much of a difference. I will continue for a month or two to give it a chance but was just wondering if anybody else who had joint issues tried a gluten free diet and is better from it? I would love to know. Thank you

1. posted by: carolej   6 months ago

I'd want to know if I had celiac disease before going GF. The GF diet may help you if you have celiac but there is more to going GF than just not eating gluten. Cross contamination happens in so many places you need to be informed in detail how to avoid being exposed to it.

2. posted by: Rick01elly   6 months ago

Hello I have also suffered from tendonitis. I don't know if use artificial sweetners but I stopped and it made a HUGE HUGE difference.

3. posted by: genabaker   2 months ago

There is a lot to learn when you first take gluten out of your diet. Gluten is not on in foods that you would not expect, but it is also in cosmetics, hair products, some vitamins, prescription and over the counter meds, and much more. It is in the things we wouldn't have even guessed that it is in like red twizzlers and much more. The only artificial sweeteners that is safe (if it still is), is stevia. My doctor put me on a gluten free diet after surgery to help with my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome ( a collagen deformity which causes many joint issues among other things). The only way to tell, is to truly go gluten free for two weeks to a month, and then introduce gluten back in your diet. You will know then if it made things much worse. The best advice I can give you, is to Get the free Gluten free scanner and scan every UP barcode before you eat it. Also download the Find Me Gluten Free app on your phone, and any other good gluten free apps. Gluten often is in ice cream, and people forget at the beginning that it could be in spices, soy sauce, msg, almost all gums, and so much more. That's why I advise you to get the upc scanner, because if a product is on there, and tells you no it will also tell you what ingredient/s cause it not to be gluten free ie malodextron or natural smoke flavoring like in some bacon. I know this post islate, but if it doesn't help you, it may help someone else.

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