Restaurants in Waterville Valley
posted by Ralph Brancaccio 5 years ago

Hi, does anyone know of any restaurants with a gluten free menu in Waterville Valley, NH? Please help.

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1. posted by: June   5 years ago

Ralph - I'm new to all of this/6 weeks for my 13 yr old son - but I do understand that the Barley House (oddly enough - the name!), an hour away, in Concord, NH can adapt meals to be GF. Also the Smokehouse in Ossippee has GF entrees, the family has 1st hand experience with CD. Are you in NH? I live here year round and would love to learn of places to venture out to! Thanks, June

2. posted by: mbrookes   5 years ago

The one advantage to living in this litigous society where poeple sue for everything is that restaurants will go waaay out of their way not to make a customer sick. I have found that if you carefully explain what you can't eat... even to the point of telling them about cross contamination if a food containing gluten touches your plate...almost all restaurants will really strive to feed you safely. In general, restaurants that specialize in grilled or broiled foods are easy to work with (Question the sauce and any rubs, etc.)Don't hesitate to ask them to wipe off the corner of the grill that your food will touch. This is not necessarily easy, but is is doable.

3. posted by: joanmmj   5 years ago

Not specifically in WV, but NH restaurants listed in a book I have include: "99", Aladdins, bellinis, Bugaboo Creek, Carraba's Chatila's,CJ's Grill, Bedford Village Inn, Dover Cafe, Flatbread Pizza, Frontside Grind, Hippie Chick Bakery, Italian Farmhouse, Joe's Grill, Katrina's Cafe, Luca's Cafe, Margarita's, Michael timothy's, Outback steakhouse, Puritan Backroom, Rafferty's, Sunflower's, T-Bones, Uno Chicago grill, Ya Mamma's, Yankee Smokehouse. Wow you're lucky! Hope some of them are close to you.

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