Reese pieces
posted by 5 years ago

I am wondering if anyone knows if Reese Pieces are Gluten Free or not. I bought the package of small ones for baking and can't find anything that is gluten on it but my daughter seems to be acting different since eating them...but it could have been something else too...
Does anyone know??

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1. posted by: twisters   5 years ago

At this time Reeses Pieces are gluten free, but always read the label for recipe changes.

2. posted by: Jilly1980   5 years ago

I eat them all the time and I do not have any symptoms...

3. posted by: gsnook08   5 years ago

Did you ever think maybe your daughter is allergic to peanut butter.

4. posted by: heather morgan   5 years ago

your daughter is probably one of those hyper sensitive like me. all chocolate that I have found has soy lecithin which the mayo clinic says to stay away from. watch for symptoms- that is your best radar. I cant have any products made on the same equipment as wheat. so sad.

5. posted by: katfish   5 years ago

Call the company who makes the Reeses Pieces. They can probably tell you. I also have to have Gluten Free products but Reeses peanut butter cups she to not affect my system when I haave them. Thanks

6. posted by: Vicki A   5 years ago

Unless the reaction happened right after your daughter ate the reeces pieces remember that if someone has a reaction it could have been from something they ate in the last 3 days.

7. posted by: barbslb   5 years ago

I have had good luck with e-mailing companies. I've even received coupons for free products after they've told me they were gluten-free.

8. posted by: spcandie   3 years ago

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