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posted by paquita 9 years ago

WORTH READING: hi everyone, i started a discussion about a month ago in regards to which alcohols are gluten free especially the liquours. I was unstaisfied with blogs posted and chats about it so i emailed each of the companies. I have not heard back from them however below is what i found out from the manufactures so it is solid information:

Kahlua, Midori, Baccardi Rum, Bundaberg Rum, some tequila-a plant product (definately made from a mexican plant and does not conatin gluten), contreau (orange liqour)

APPARENTLY gluten free:
Schmirnoff Vodka (apparently made from corn)

NOT gluten free
NOTE: Despite distillation processes, they cannot guarantee its gluten free.
Jack daniels, port, some wines (even if they don’t say it contains gluten, often the vineyard will sprinkle msg over the freshly picked grapes to help preserve them and keep them fresh).
I will attempt to contact other well know manufatures again and will post another discussion when i find out more. Hope you can all go and enjoy that melon margarita you've been wanting for that extra special celebration.

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1. posted by: paquita   9 years ago

malibu and tia maria are GLUTEN FREE also.

2. posted by: GlutenFreeChecklist   9 years ago

I am curious as to why you did all this work when all your answers are in the Checklist under the category of alcohol?

3. posted by: Patrick   9 years ago

Contrary to popular opinion, my research shows that MSG does NOT contain gluten! However, significant doses of MSG can allegedly lead to retinal degeneration, neuronal necrosis, IBS flare-ups, asthma, migraines, etc.

4. posted by: Gayle Gaul   7 years ago

Belevedere confirmed all of their vodkas, all macerations, are gluten free.

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