Mini Corn Dogs

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1 pack uncured, nitrate gluten free 100% beef hot dogs

2 cups Pamela's Gluten-Free Bread Mix (without yeast packet)

1 c. yellow cornmeal

1 tsp. sea salt

2 eggs slightly beaten

2 c. warm water


In a 12-inch skillet heat approximately 2-inches of oil to 375 degrees. Slice hotdogs into quarters and set aside. Mix dry ingredients together. Lightly whisk eggs and water. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients, whisking until smooth. Heavily coat sliced hot dogs in batter and place in hot oil for about 4 minutes until dark golden brown. Drain hot dogs on cooling rack and serve.

*Chef Pamela’s notes: I used a smaller and deeper heavy pan and worked two skewers at a time. (I used a baby fryer- great!). I tried different sized pieces which all worked. The most important thing was to use a heavy duty skewer that would hold up to the heat of deep frying. *For county fair type corn dog, make the recipe which is pretty thick and scoop the dog through the batter and smooth over the surface to coat. *For the ultimate corn dog, use a portion of the batter which has been thinned with water and pour a smooth coat over the first coat.
Yields: 8

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