relationship between chronic daily headache/frequent migraines and being gluten
posted by lori jones 2 years ago

My daughter, who is now 16, had a sudden onset of a migraine 4 years ago. She still has a low grade headache everyday 24/7 and occasionally has a migraine spikes. Through trying to find reasons for this headache, we have discovered that she is gluten intolerant and has one of the main genes for gluten sensitivity and celiac sprue. Have any other readers had an issue with this type of headache along with having one of the main genes for gluten intolerance? Is there a relationship between the two?

Mom Charlotte, NC

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1. posted by: sapr   2 years ago

My son is 19 now; he was diagnosed with Celiac Disease when he was 2 years old. He started to have some extremely bad headaches when he was about 4 years old. He didn't have any identifiable cause (he had a CT scan of the head, even). Though we thought we were completely gluten free, it turned out that he was getting gluten in some of the milk substitutes we used, due to cross contamination and small amounts of gluten in the ingredients. Once we figured that out and quit using them, the headaches went away and didn't come back!

2. posted by: mrchayce   2 years ago

My husband, who is 29, suffered from migraines from age 12-27 and had a lot of neck/head aches throughout that time as well. He was diagnosed with Celiac 18 mos ago at age 27 and since going on the diet not only have most of the headaches gone (he still has a few, but who doesn't with a family to support! :) but his overall mood has improved and he is able to handle stress way better than he used to. We have also been seeing a chiropractor who has been helping him get his body back into working condition after all the suppression and malnutrition caused by the Celiac.

3. posted by: starusmc   1 year ago

I have a 5 yr old, she was diagnosed with celiac disease at age 3. I mentioned to her gastro about 6 months ago that she always had a headache and the way she complaines sometimes seemed like it would be a migraine for her. I get migraines myself, and her symptoms just seemed to be the same. But her doctor said it was part of the celiac. Maybe it is from cross contamination because over the summer her headaches seemed to go away. Her preschool wouldn't allow you to pack their lunches, so they provided a special gf meal for her. I went to school once and saw they were feeding her food that was not gf, so I didn't trust them after that.

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