posted by aprildawn 2 years ago

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease. I still don't have the diet down, seems I am constantly finding gluten hidden in foods, cross contamination, etc. My stomach always knows within 15 min. I have been eating chocolate pudding (Kozy Shack), choc Chex cereal, chocolate candy bar, all are gluten free. But, within minutes my stomach starts growling, bloating, and then of course diarrhea. Does anyone else have a problem with gluten free chocolate?

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1. posted by: LOLLisa   2 years ago

I have been a Celiac for about 3 years and you are constantly reading labels. Make sure that the chocolate is also dairy free. Most celiacs (more so when you are newly diagnosed)cannot handle dairy products also because of the damage that glutens does to the hairs in your intestins. If you go to medical sites like and and read up on it you can find out about that. is another good source. They have a list of safe and unsafe ingredients. I hope this helps you.

2. posted by: tcorbett   1 year ago

What I have learned is this - in the beginning you should avoid ALL dairy - since chocolate contains dairy - that could be your issue. Your villi need to heal. I wish I had known this 7yrs ago! Hopefully this will help! T

3. posted by: chipmunk   1 year ago

have u been checked for lactose intolerance. The foods most likely all include dairy. I was told most GI doctors can now test for this by blowing into bags throughout the day and then testing the air.

4. posted by: truhart   6 months ago

Have you found Enjoy Life chocolate bars yet? It is a very simple chocolate. No dairy, no gluten.

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