Gluten Free Beers
posted by Sylvia Salazar 3 years ago

Newly diagnosed Celiac, however, I am craving a beer. Do you/can you recommend a Gluten Free Beer. Thank you.

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1. posted by: glutenfreemommy   3 years ago


2. posted by: jessceejo   3 years ago

I enjoy Green's Belgian beer. I have gotten it at Whole Foods. I have also gotten them at Fairways and ordered from Fresh Direct (for people in nyc). This website looks like it might be helpful to you.

3. posted by: mbrookes   3 years ago

Redbridge (anhouserbusch)is actually veery god, but if you can find Bard's (we can't get it in MS, but I have had it in VA and RI)you will love it. It tastes very much like my pre-gf favorite, Anchor Steam.

4. posted by: Mommyhoop   3 years ago

The only thing that I have cheated on in 18 months is beer. I have found that I can drink Natural Light, with minimal side effects...the lighter the beer, the less problems. I just wonder if down the road this will be harmfull?

5. posted by: GrandpaDave1   3 years ago

Almost all of your Q.andA. are in the US Do you know of any Canadian Beers that are GF?DM Toronto

6. posted by: jacktilghman7   3 years ago

Redbridge Beer sold at quite a few stores. You can look it up on the internet. Good Luck

7. posted by: eisfeller   1 year ago

Greens is definitely the best gluten free beer. My favorite in their line-up is Discovery. The Blonde is also good. Sprecher makes a good gluten free beer too.

8. posted by: Lightwave   4 months ago

This discussion is 3 years old, but I have the beer for you... If you are suffering drinking sorghum beer and miss barley beer, baby, I feel your pain- but as of early this year, 2012, Widmer Brothers came out with a barley beer from which the gluten has been wiped out-- it is called Omission. It comes in a very easy-going lager and in bold Pale Ale. The Brothers have a son or nephew who could not partake of the brewery's product, so they developed an enzyme that eats the gluten. If you take the date code from the bottle and enter it on the Omission web site, it will produce a test report expressing how many parts per million gluten is in the beer-- typically about 10ppm, where the European standard to meet to be called gluten-free is 20ppm. Beer is suppose to foam and froth-- be rich and creamy. Some sorghum beers pop and fizz like Sprite-- they are bloody awful. Greens is the worst of them. Widmer Brothers are not making a big deal about gluten-free on the packaging on this product-- they are treating it subtly... why?? Because beer drinkers know that gluten free sorghum beers are poor substitutes for barley beer which you have grown up with... and Widmer wants everyone to drink their Omission beer. If it gets too big a reputation for being gluten-free, many people will never try it. These guys will put Redbridge out of business-- and hopefully Omission will replace Redbridge at my favorite sports bar, BJ's, who patronize the gluten afflicted. Omission is your beer, folks. :-)

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