Best Bread Product
posted by jacktilghman7 2 years ago

About a year ago My wife and I visited Good Earth Health Food Store in Clarksville, Delaware. While looking in their freezer I found Butter Gem Dinner Rolls from These products changed my life as a celiac. If anyone out there wants to have a soft and great tasting bread product, try this. Susan Polachek makes several different breads from her home in Lancaster, Pa. Try her out.

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1. posted by: Jerri   2 years ago

I'm from the mid-west--Minnesota--and buy Udi bread and other bakery products. They are in the freezer dept. and come from Denver, Colorado. It is the best bread I have yet to taste. Once I became a celiac I finally gave up on all gluten free bread as it was so terrble. To be able to make a sandwich now is heaven. Their blueberry muffins are very yummy also.

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